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What is AgileThought?

AgileThought is a pure play leading provider of agile-first software development at scale, end-to-end digital transformation and consulting services to Fortune 1000 customers with diversity across end-markets and industry verticals.

For over 20 years, Fortune 1000 companies have trusted us to solve their digital challenges and optimize mission-critical systems to drive business value. Our solution architects, developers, data scientists, engineers, transformation consultants, automation specialists, and other experts located across the United States and across Latin America deliver next-generation software solutions that accelerate the transition to digital platforms across business processes.

Where is AgileThought’s corporate headquarters?

222 Urban Towers, Suite 1650 E
Irving, TX 75039

Which exchange is AgileThought traded on and what is the company’s ticker symbol?
AgileThought is listed on the NASDAQ under the symbol AGIL.
How can AgileThought shares be purchased
AgileThought common stock can be purchased in the open market through any registered broker.
Does AgileThought pay dividends?
AgileThought currently does not pay dividends on its common stock.
Does AgileThought have a direct stock purchase plan?
AgileThought does not currently offer a direct stock purchase plan. To purchase AgileThought common stock, please contact a registered broker.
Who is AgileThought's transfer agent?

AgileThought’s transfer agent, Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company, can help you in a variety of shareholder-related services including change of address, stock transfer, account status and other administrative services. You can contact our transfer agent at:

17 Battery Place, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10004
(212) 845-3206

Who is AgileThought’s independent registered public accounting firm?
AgileThought’s independent auditor is KPMG
When does the fiscal year end for AgileThought?
AgileThought’s fiscal year is based on the calendar year. The last day of the fiscal year is December 31.
Who are the members of AgileThought’s Management Team and Board of Directors?
Please refer to the Corporate Governance section of the Investor Relations website for information on Board of Directors and Management Team.
What is AgileThought’s CUSIP number?
AgileThought’s CUSIP is 00857F 100.
Where can the latest company presentation and earnings call information be found?
AgileThought’s latest company presentation and earnings call information can be found on the Events & Presentations section of the Investor Relations website.
How can investors obtain copies of financial documents, such as the Annual Report, Form 10-K or Form 10-Q?
AgileThought's financial documents can be found on the SEC Filings section of the Investor Relations website, or directly from the Securities and Exchange Commission website at:
How do investors contact Investor Relations?
Contact AgileThought’s Investor Relations department by emailing
How do investors get added to AgileThought’s email distribution list?
Please visit the Email Alerts section of AgileThought’s Investor Relations website to be added to the investor email distribution list.