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Marina Diaz Ibarra

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Marina holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from Di Tella University and a MBA from The Wharton School - University of Pennsylvania - majoring in Marketing and Strategic Management.

In the last two decades she has worked as a Global Manager for top brands such as Dove (Unilever), Nike and Under Armour. In 2015 she took the role of General Manager for Argentina, Chile and Peru for, the Amazon of Latin America. In 2017, she decided to jump into the entrepreneurial world with Wolox, a digital disruption company dedicated to making innovative digital products and helping companies to accelerate their digital transformation while improving the digital experience of their customers (sold to Accenture in 2021). She also serves as a board member of public companies such as Rotoplas, Gentera Bank and representes the IFC (World Bank) on the board of several portfolio companies.

She currently splits time between Mexico and New York, where she writes, surf, invests on early-stage start-ups and performs research on digital economics. Marina has been a Keynote speaker on Digital Transformation at Georgetown, Cornell and Columbia University.